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Hi Andy Just wanted to say thanks for your service yesterday. I have heard lots of good stories about the afternoon and your service was excellent. Liz.
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  Perth Bus Charter and Hire WA Australia, Wine Tours, PartyBus Hire 2006-10-07  
  Perth Bus Charter and Hire WA Australia, Wine Tours, PartyBus Hire
2006-11-04 Karis
  Perth Bus Perth WA, Charter and Wine Tours
Perth Bus WA
Just wanted to say a big thankyou for looking after us all so well on Saturday on the wine tour!You were great Andy and we will refer you to all our friends.
Cheers Natalie
Thank you for picking us up on Friday night. Your service was excellent and everyone had loads of was the perfect end to our wedding.
We all had an absolutely awesome day on Sunday!! Thank you for making my 21st birthday the best day ever!! Hopefully every1 was pretty well-behaved =). Your service was great, the music was crazy and we all had such a great time celebrating. I will defiently recommend you on to mates for their 21st pubcrawls etc. Kylie.
Absolutely top notch night Andy, you totally got into the spirit of the occasion and could not do enough for us.Many thanks also for the use of the camera, some great shots of the night. The Party: Fantastic, great atmosphere and loads of fun. The Music: Amped everyone up, really got us all going before arriving at the pub, good stuff. The Driver: What can you say- top class, thanks Andy!! The Bus: Work of art, from the sound system to the lighting, there simply can't be a better setup ANYWHERE in Perth!! Grant
2007-09-15 Loz
thankyou very muchly for an awesome night. was soooooooooooooo fun. The Sound System: was hell good. it was nice and loud. was fun when we rocked up at cas and had ACDC on.
What a great night! I haven't had so much fun in ages.Thank you for being so cool! Tanya's Hen's night was a great sucess thanks to your bus. The Sound System: Was great, good and loud! The Music: Good variety. The Driver: Fun fun fun and fun!! The Bus: Brilliant, the lights made it better than some of the clubs we went to!! Thanks again Andy! Kirstie
Thanks heaps we all had such a ball I havent had that much fun in a long time. Your sound system was as you said it was fantastic. It really made the trip. Tanya
Thanks for the pics Andy it was a great night the bus is fantastic. Kel
Cheers for a wicked night! Andy. JD
Thanks for a fantastic night! Very well run, thanks so much - Kathryn.
had an absolutely FABULOUS time on Saturday night, thanks for everything! Rachel
We would just like to say thankyou for showing us a great time on the way to and from our school formal. We had a great time, the bus was absoultely amazing (lighting etc) and if we ever decide to go for the party bus alternative again we will be sure to contact you. Thankyou also for taking those awesome photos and the driver being so friendly and welcoming. It was by far the best party bus we have eer experienced. Let me know when the pictures are posted, Thankyou!! xx.
2007-06-23 Alison
Your bus made my birthday the best one yet, and everybody had a really great time, thanks alot. The Sound System: Everybody I spoke to about the music said how great it was and wanted a sterio like that in their car's... The Bus: totaly wicked
2007-06-23 Alison
Your bus made my birthday the best one yet, and everybody had a really great time, thanks alot. The Sound System: Everybody I spoke to about the music said how great it was and wanted a sterio like that in their car's... The Bus: totaly wicked
2007-06-23 Alison
Hi Andy!! Thank you so much for a wonderful night!! All my mates said it was the best bus they have been on this year! The music was great!! Thank you for making my 21st a wicked night!!! Would recommend you to anyone! J
Dear Andy, Thank you for being such a friendly host to my sisters party! It was great waving the kids off as they danced in the back of the bus to led zeppelin under the blue strobe light! Kind Regards, Gabriella
Thanks for an awesome night. Everyone including myself had such an awesome time and ill make sure I recommend you to any friends I have!
Amazing. The best ever. Driver: BEST EVER he was in a good mood, safe, joy as, everyone loved him. Definatly will be hiring in the near future for many occasions coming up such as our dance in a few months. Such a good business will let everyone know.
Great fun andy! Everyone loved it and the bus ride upstaged the dance by far!
Thank You for a fantastic time Andy.. Everybody I have spoken to who was on the bus said they had an absolute great time and would do it again. The atmosphere, lighting, music everything was fantastic. Such a good night. Once again thank you so much for a great night. Thank You for allowing us to use the camera and take some really nice photos. Definately will be recommending to people, and Im sure this wont be the last time we use that bus. The Party: Awesome. Best night. A great way to start a night out.
Thank you for an awesome night.
2007-05-19 Cassie
Thanks for the great bus trip last night on the 19th of may 2007.
2007-05-05 Josh
Thanks for another awesome night and the photos to prove it.
2007-05-05 Josh
Best party bus eva.
2007-05-04 Uni
The pubcrawl is awesome. Fantastic night. Thank you so much. Awesome music.
2007-04-27 Zoe
You are sooooo awesome, such a good night!! The party was the best ever, everyone had fun... definately recomend it to everyone!! Great choice of music!!
2007-04-11 Joey
This bus rocks! This is the most fun I've had in ages. Joey.
2007-03-31 Adam
It was an awesome night i love it, you were an awesome bus driver!!! I loved the music you played and how you let us just get up and dance the bus away. Natasha
2007-03-31 Ross
Thanks for Saturday night mate, it was a blinder!!! We'll definitely be using Perth Party Bus for our next pub crawl!!!
2007-03-24 Kellie
Thanks for giving our Kel a great night out for her 25th.. You are a fantastic bus driver, everyone had a wicked time.. Jennifer
2007-03-24 Kellie
Hey Andy! Thanks for a wicked night! Kellie. Best night ever. Michelle. I love your bus. Hannah.
2007-03-03 Hayley
Thank you so.. much for Friday night! It was so much fun! The Sound System: Wikid. The Bus: so much fun! Wikid lights. Recomending to everyone!
2007-03-03-3 May
Andy you're the best bus driver in the world!! So happy go lucky! Keep smilin your happy happy smile!! Kallee
Had a great time! Thanx. Luv Lauren
Thankk you so much. Had the greatest night and partially because of your awsum bus. The whole gang loved it and look forward to using ou in the future. Thanks Sofi
Thanks for a fantastic night, we will definately be using your service again!! Nicole
I was Holly's Pub Crawl on the 24/02/2007 and had a absolute ball. Tenneille. Hi Andy, Thank you so much for last night myself and the girls had a wonderful time. Best Crawl eva! Best Nite eva. Blondes 4 eva.
You rock my world!! Best bus ever.
You are without a doubt the most mild mannered, extremely charming bus driver I have ever encountered. Best bus driver ever. Dawn.
Naomi The best hens nite EVER!! the bus & driver topped off our night, thankyou for your patience with us and being so fun! The Sound System: UNREAL!! better than any home systems I have ever heard! The Driver: Fun, easy going
2007-02-10 Kirstin
Dear Andy, Wow! What a night, we have never had so much fun on a bus in our lives... You made Kirstens hens night a raging success! She was so overwhelmed at how fabulous your bus and set up and your bubbly friendly fun personality ! Thankyou so much from all of us, we had a ball, and everyone was so amazed at you printing the pics of us so quick! You are a legend. Your number will be in my phone for any cranking party in the future, Ill be back booking with you very very soon! Just for a party, just because we can! LOVE KIRSTENS CREW... 10TH FEB 2006
2007-02-10 Kirstin
Andy and Perth Party Bus --- You have made it the best night ever..
2007-02-10 Kirsten
Thanks heaps! Youre a great crew! We all loved it!
2007-02-10 Kirsten
A service to never forget!
2007-02-10 Dook
Youre great!
2007-02-09 Emma
Best Party Bus Ever!
2007-02-09 Jesse
It was a great experience!!!
2007-02-09 Ember
Music Pumping
2007-02-03 Megan
The best bus driver in history!! Photos added an extra special touch - really appreciate it. So much more than just transport. Whole experience just wonderful. Awesome music, lights, and charming personality. Cannot recommend enough. Thank you so much for all the extra touches - made for the best night.Bus rules over any spot. Loved it!!
2007-02-03 Jamaica
Fan-tucking fabulous!
2007-02-03 Jess
Thankyou forthe wonderful night. You are a great bus driver and good music all night. Would definately come on the bus again. Made the night one to remember.
2007-02-03 Esther
Best night!! Bus driver was awesome. I'd come back anytime.
2007-01-20 Bobby
Great Night!!!
2007-01-20 Gale
Awesome music and driver!
2007-01-20 Philip
Best night ever!!!
2007-01-20 Rikki
Best fun night. Credit to you guys!!
2007-01-19 Leah
Everyone had a fantastic night. Really really enjoyed ourselves - thanks Andy. The Sound System: Brilliant.
2006-12-23 Sally
Thank you soooo much for making my 18th bday one to remember, it was awsome!!!
2006-12-16 Josh
Fabulous choice of music!!! You play the classic and the new stuff.
2006-12-16 Bladam
Your bus is maxamazing!!!
2006-12-16 Lisa
Thanks so much for a great night! Will definately use your service again. My friends and I had so much fun we didnt want to get off! A special highlight of the night!
The Sound System: Excellent quality and definately great volume.
The Driver: Very friendly and easy going.
The Bus: Excellent, nice and clean and comftable.
2006-12-16 Elle
Me and my cousin had the BEST time on the bus for Josh's party. Everything was great that night we all had a ball.
2006-11-24 Leona
We had an awesome time.
2006-11-24 Trina
We had a fantastic time would do it all over again for sure!!! Thanks Andy your bus rocks!
2006-11-18 Rosie
The music is so good I could dance all night.
2006-11-18 Jarvis
Have my babies.
2006-11-18 Natalie
We all had a really good time.
So a big thankyou!
2006-11-18 Josh
My friends and I were very impressed with your service and hoping to book one for the 16th Dec.
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  Perth Bus Charter and Hire WA Australia, Wine Tours, PartyBus Hire
  Perth Bus Charter and Hire WA Australia, Wine Tours, PartyBus Hire
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